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Everyone can write creatively. Anyone who can speak and read can do it. It is simply a matter of learning how to handle the tools.


Whether you want to write just for fun or are seeking to make a profit, I can help. I'll show you how to generate and maintain a gripping narrative, and teach you tried and tested tricks of the trade that will make your sentences sparkle, your words leap off the page. You will soon know instinctively how to add polish and finesse to everything you write.


I offer one-to-one and group tutorials in person or by email, Skype or telephone, anywhere in the world, by prior arrangement. Remote sessions are payable in advance. I am also available for mentoring, motivational support and manuscript appraisal.


For further information, rates and availability: please contact me.




'I had the pleasure of working in Oxford with Lesley-Ann Jones at the Open University Business School Creativity Residential Workshop 'The Creative Incubator'.


'She presented our Guest Lecture, which focused on the creative and cultural economy, and proved to be an excellent speaker. She is not only a writer who captivates her audience with a style and approach that draws the reader into a sense of being alongside her at a cool bar or restaurant, as she recounts her very personal experience of an event, or someone's life. She also speaks in just the same highly-engaging, entertaining and sophisticated manner. She delivers with craft-like knowledge, passion and razor-sharp wit. Lesley-Ann enthralled her audience as she articulated how raw creative talent is transformed into intellectual property (IP) – the framework through which creativity translates into economic value.


'The lecture was extremely well-received. The participants were unanimous in their opinion that her performance was the highlight of the residential weekend.


Her secret is in her highly-detailed and painstaking preparation. Her lectures look as though she has just breezed through the door, walked on stage and simply started an impromptu 'chat' with her 'guests'.


Punctual and polite, Lesley-Ann is charm personified. Before, during and after the lecture, she engaged us all with her warm, endearing Welsh humour. Everyone she met felt like the most important person in the room.


With an encyclopaedic knowledge and hands-on experience of her subject matter, Lesley-Ann is the consummate professional, and comes highly recommended as a Keynote Speaker.'





I read Modern Languages (French & Spanish) at the University of Westminster. I have also studied Danish and Italian, and picked up a bit of Greek, German, Swahili and other tongues along the way. The more I learned about other languages and the cultures from which they grew, the more the English language became my obsession. My children denounce me as a pedant, but they're not bad at Scrabble. It has been my pleasure to meet hundreds of people through my work in personal coaching, workshops, creative seminars, conferences and motivational talks on the subject of writing in English. No two encounters or events are ever alike, and I am fascinated by their diversity.


I have spoken in cities, towns and villages; in colleges, schools and halls; in hotels and conference centres, in the UK and abroad - wherever I'm invited to, give or take - about all manner of writing-related activity. Too many to list them all, but here are a few examples:


As Keynote Speaker, I lectured on 'Role Models, Inspiration and the Creative Process' to delegates of the Open University on a residential Creative Management course in Oxford.  


I hosted Creative Writing workshops at the Budock Vean Hotel & Spa, Falmouth, Cornwall.


I revealed all (or near enough) about my life on the road with rock stars at the Appledore Book Festival in Devon.


I presented highly-publicised, sell-out talks on the art of biography and the moral obligation of the biographer at the Literature Live! Book Festival in Mumbai, India.


I delivered a lecture on the EDF Energy London Eye, part of its acclaimed '32 LONDONERS' event, focusing on extraordinary characters who helped shape London's history, including Charlie Chaplin, Queen Victoria, David Bowie and Naomi Campbell.


I enjoy working with people of all ages and at all stages, from students to senior corporate management. There is something to say about writing to absolutely anyone. The focus, at all times, is my passion for the beauty, versatility, impact and scope of the written word. We are told, all too often, that the digital age has rendered vocabulary, spelling and punctuation irrelevant; that it 'no longer matters' how 'correctly' we speak and write.


I  disagree. These important elements of our rich, unique language remain the cornerstones of communication. A confident command of them will take anyone far in life. They are there, gratis, for all to share and enjoy.


Please contact me for further information on talks, workshops, personal training and events:

email P1010048 Budock-Vean