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TUMBLING DICE – the debut memoir of the Fleet Street years and the age of celebrity scandal.


‘I’ve brought you their incredible stories. Now read my sensational tale.’


This is a book I'd have expected to hate. I despise celebrity journalism, have minimal interest in celebrities, page past the celeb sections of newspapers, and have never even looked at Hello! magazine. But, boy oh boy, Tumbling Dice is sensational! The stories are amazing and the storyteller, Lesley-Ann Jones, brings such intelligence, self-knowledge and honesty to a life recollected, that by the second page of the introduction, I was hooked.  Matthew Parris, The Times columnist, broadcaster and former politician


Hilarious, revealing, shocking and hugely enjoyable account of the wild, weird world of celebrity and even wilder, weirder world of tabloid journalism.  Piers Morgan, TV presenter, journalist and former Editor, News of the World, Daily Mirror, mailonline, Mail on Sunday


Brilliant, unputdownable, a tour de force. The best book about celebrities that I have ever read. I wish I’d written it.  Simon Napier-Bell, rock manager, the Yardbirds, Marc Bolan, Wham!, Sinead O’Connor, George Michael.


Lesley-Ann Jones has long been regarded as the doyenne of showbiz writing and reporting. For three decades she has moved in the social circles of the megastars of the modern music era, from Bowie and Boy George to Mercury and Fleetwood Mac. LAJ spent days and nights, weeks and months with these people, witnessing cultural history in the making. She maintained such a stunning presence, you could easily believe she was a rock-chick herself. No other journalist has ever been more immersed in the industry’s explosive kaleidoscope. No one got closer. No one saw more.

Mike Parry, broadcaster and former Fleet Street executive


LAJ has always shone her light brilliantly, if sometimes too accurately, on others. She now turns it articulately and entertainingly onto herself - a scoop!

Sir Tim Rice, author & Academy Award-winning lyricist, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, ‘Evita’, ‘Chess’, ‘The Lion King’



BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY – re-issued and updated biography of Freddie Mercury, accompanying the multiple Academy Award-winning motion picture of the same name, starring Best Actor Rami Malek as Freddie.


‘No one has captured better than Lesley-Ann Jones the magical, enchanting dualism of Freddie Mercury.’ The Times


‘The sort of tribute Mercury himself would have wanted ... full of perceptive and moving insights.’ Spectator



HERO: DAVID BOWIE – a fascinating insight into one of the greatest artists of our lifetime.


‘Evocatively portrays David Bowie’s life, with a tenderness you wouldn’t expect.’ Daily Express


‘A personal friendship in writing ... an endearing and powerful tale.’ Variety